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Torrid Starcloths is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing a range of starcloths and accessories for a wide market of customers throughout the world.

One of the reasons for deciding to create the company was due to the amount of DJs hiding behind a lousy cloth, which implied a cheap unprofessional  Image.

Due to overpriced complicated cloths or cheap looking starry sky types

We knew You needed a starcloth that was value for money, simple to use, and professional looking.

It had to have symmetrical placed LEDs;

A single button for ease of use;

And a selection of modes for all occasions;


Torrid Starcloths lets you effortlessly impress


Finding a name for the company...

What does torrid mean

"extremely hot, energetic"

Torrid is an adjective that describes something that's extremely hot — in both the literal and the figurative senses. It also describes something that's very energetic, or something that has an extreme emotional charge — which is why people often apply torrid to love affairs. Torrid comes from the Latin word torrere, meaning “parch or scorch.” Being scorched can sometimes be exciting


Special Needs

Besides the DJ industry we help many Special needs family's, charities, schools, and organisations with our sensory aid starcloths, making it often easier for children to relax or sleep with the mesmerizing light patterns of our sensory star wall.


Between  DJs  and special needs

It would be appropriate to say our starcloths help children sleep and adults dance.